Release Information
Latest Version: 3.5.1
Release Date: 2009-02-02
Total Covers Available
DVD Video 35,996
Wii 724
Blu-ray Disc 464
CD Audio 317
XBOX 360 57
PC Game 51
PC Application 25
PlayStation 2 4
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What is DVD Cover Searcher?

DVD Cover Searcher is a slick, powerful and easy to use Windows application for searching and downloading all types of media covers and labels.

Compared to previous DVD Cover Searcher releases, version 3.x is extremely feature-rich. Considerable time has been spent to ensure that our new design is both flexible and powerful. Almost all improvement requests from customers have been implemented without sacrificing familiarity or ease of use. We trust that you will find DVD Cover Searcher one of the best cover searching applications available today.

DVD Cover Searcher is available in both Professional and Premium Editions and can be purchased as either an Instant Download or CD-ROM format. Please visit the Feature Comparison page to learn what each edition has to offer.

Here are the main areas of DVD Cover Searcher:

Search Options

Use the Search Options screen to specify search criteria and help narrow down your search results. Any results found will be listed in the Search Results screen.

Search Results

The Search Results screen shows a listing of available covers based on your search criteria from the Search Options screen.

Download Queue

The Download Queue screen allows you to batch download selected covers.


The Upload screen allows you to upload covers to the DVD Cover Searcher Library.

Upload Queue

The Upload Queue screen allows you to batch upload covers to the DVD Cover Searcher Library. Covers can be added from the Upload screen.


The Preferences dialog allows you to set various program options that affect the way DVD Cover Searcher functions and operates.

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